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by Katy

Hi there, my name is Katy and welcome to my website, EnlightenedLunch.com.

About my Blog:

I’ve wanted my own blog since I was a kid and my mom created a website for the family. I thought it was so impressive that she knew HTML coding (this was before the days of WordPress) and developed a site about my family, viewable to anyone and everyone with access to the internet. I could log on to the internet from any computer and see photos and information about my family.

Since then, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for my own website. The early ideas were over the top and unrealistic, envision tamagotchi meets woodland creatures. After graduating from college and starting a career in finance, my blog ideas became more practical and centered around helping people learn business application software like SAP and Excel. However, I thought I’d burnout quickly if I spent all my time on Microsoft Office programs.

Finally, after nearly a decade in an office environment, I had a revelation. I realized I was struggling with what to eat for lunch every day. I was running out for fast food or throwing a frozen meal in my purse on the way out the door in the morning. Either way, my lunches weren’t satisfying. I was spending too much money and calories on takeout or eating a mediocre microwave meal that didn’t sustain me until dinnertime.

I determined that my blog should be centered around healthy, affordable recipes that require limited prep time and are easy to package and transport. For those of you interested in creating your own website, I’ve also incorporated some instructional tips on using WordPress as well as photography pointers. Hopefully my discoveries (and mistakes) can help you on your own website development journey.


My Cooking Style:

I am no master chef but I can hold my own in the kitchen. I enjoy discovering or creating new recipes instead of repeating the same meal over and over again (the one exception is my favorite, cucumber cream cheese dip). I’ve had my fair share of minor disasters, but I am known to eyeball an ingredient’s measurement or add a substitution instead of following a recipe exactly. I always have more fun in the kitchen when I’m experimenting and adjusting recipes.

About Me:

Photo by Kelly Kink

I have a Masters degree in Accounting and a Bachelors degree in Economics. I live in Milwaukee with my fiancé Chris and dog Buddy. Chris and I both enjoy cooking, and all three of us enjoy eating. Chris and I love to travel, unlike Buddy who needs heavy tranquilizers for the the fifteen minute drive to the boarder.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and tips in my blog!